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Posted on 08-28-2016

CALCIUM… Not just for BONES!
By:  Dr. Korey Toensing, Chiropractor

Patients are often confused or given false information about their calcium supplement.  What type of calcium to take, what the body needs to absorb it, and that they are only using calcium just for bone health. This is unfortunate as calcium is extremely essential in many processes of the body!

First:  Let me address the big elephant in the room when it comes to the body using calcium… ACID.  Yes, acid.  Patients don’t realize that the stomach needs to be acidic to absorb calcium and other minerals the body needs.  The use of anti-acid medication is a big problem.  These medications bring the pH to a base, which is not a perfect environment for your supplements to absorb.  That is a waste of money and a waste of effort.  

Second: Vitamin D and ‘good fats’ need to be involved.  Living in Arizona we think we’re getting enough Vitamin D from the sun; however, the problem is we also need essential fats to complete the equation.  The sun converts skin oil to vitamin D, and then the D picks up calcium from the gut and puts it in the blood.  Then the liver breaks down the fats into an acid called Arachidonic Acid; the calcium can then be transported to the tissues.  Remember to eat plenty of flax and essential fats to help that process happen.

Third:  When buying calcium in the grocery store, vitamin store or bulk stores; patients are buying calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.  Those are what is know as a 12-step bicarbonate, (bicarbonate is the usable form of calcium).  They are 12-steps!  That’s a lot of effort for the body…. even stressful for the body.  The body needs a 1-step bicarbonate supplement.  Doesn’t 1-step sound so much easier on the body?  Yes, I agree.  The SOLUTION, Calcium LACTATE or MALATE is a ONE step bicarbonate supplements that are super easy for the body to use. Therefore, there is less constipation, more symptom relief, and more chances for the body to use it and deposit it into those bones.

Calcium is NOT just for bones and teeth. Did you know that calcium lactate can help fevers?  Yes, it is also an immune system helper.  It fights infections very well.  The body needs it more for muscle contraction and nerve impulse and to coagulate blood.  To note: if you are on blood thinners, calcium will make the blood thicker, so please contact your provider to adjust your medication.  It is also know as the “lullaby pill” because it relaxes the nervous system.  Try it at bedtime and during the night to lull you back to sleep.  Stop the muscle cramps faster with that ONE STEP bicarbonate as well!  It can thicken blood so try it for a nosebleed!  Contact your local health care provider to get yourself the ONE STEP bicarbonate and watch it work FAST…calcium lactate!

Dr. Michael Miles says, “There is a powerful relationship between calcium and their thyroid.”   Stay tuned for next months article on the Calcium/Thyroid connection?

Dr. Korey Toensing is a Chiropractor and Nutrition Specialist who has joined the team at Catalina Clinic in Catalina.  

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