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Posted on 09-09-2016

Do you know that poor digestion can be a source of pain?  No, I’m not suggesting it is the source of everyone’s symptoms or problems.  But, it may be a factor in many cases.

Just suppose you eat a steak…..a great source of B vitamins and protein when eaten in moderate, controlled portions.  But, if you were to ingest too much, it is possible your body couldn’t produce enough acid and digestive enzymes in a timely manner to break it down, resulting in putrefaction.  One such by-product of incomplete protein digestion is Guanidine, a strong base.  This ‘pain toxin’ is known to accumulate in one’s body, resulting in constipation, even joint pain.

This strong base is just one reason why we suggest Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to help with arthritic aches and pains.  As a strong acid, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar benefits constipation, and helps neutralize heavy bases such as guanidine.

Chlorophyll in vegetables also helps neutralize bases.  Hence, it is a good practice to always eat green vegetables with meats.  It aids digestion and absorption of any by-products. 

Patients often ask me, as a chiropractor, why I’m so nutrition savvy.  I need to be!  Adjustments assist the body eliminating accumulated toxins of constipation.  But, part of my job also, is to educate patients as to why they are having chronic pains.  Eating properly, and employing proper supplementation, can be big keys to the relief folks seek.  Educating and guiding are parts of the service I provide my patients daily.  

There are many paths to improved digestion, and resultant symptomatic relief. 

Dr. Korey Toensing is a Chiropractor and Nutrition Support Specialist 

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